Essential Elements Food Grade Activated Charcoal Powder Review

Activated charcoal has long been used for medicinal purposes. Because of its potent adsorbent properties, many people have used it to prevent poison from getting absorbed by the body as well as improve one’s overall health. Food Grade Activated Charcoal Powder by Essential Elements is a great option for stashing activated charcoal powder that can be ingested safely and also used topically on the skin and teeth.

Features of the Essential Elements Food Grade Activated Charcoal Powder

  • Food Grade Activated Charcoal Powder. This product contains 100% pure, food grade activated charcoal powder derived from premium quality East American hardwood charcoal. The food grade label means that it’s safe to be ingested as an immediate antidote in case of emergencies like food poisoning or the intake of other poisonous substances.
  • Teeth whitener. Activated charcoal can also be used to whiten teeth naturally. Its adsorbent property draws out impurities that can accumulate in your mouth. This removes bacteria in the mouth that can cause bad breath. It is also a natural abrasive, so if used gently and properly, it can be an effective tool to remove surface stains that can cause your teeth to have a yellow tinge.
  • Neutral pH
  • General body detox. Because activated charcoal works effectively in ridding unwanted toxins from the body, it can be used as a cleanser.
  • Reduce or eliminate bloating or gas. Although these problems can stem from diet-related causes that can be permanently resolved if you abstain from eating certain foods, you can use activated charcoal to give you symptomatic relief.
  • If you are suffering from acne and other skin problems, using activated charcoal can help remove impurities from your skin. You can easily make a black mask by mixing one teaspoon of activated charcoal with equal parts of aloe vera gel and water. This mask can be applied on the skin until it dries out, and then you can rinse it off.
  • Insect bites. Toxins from these bites can cause irritation. For minor insect bites, a mixture of activated charcoal powder and water can be applied topically with gauze.
  • Two-pound package


  • Natural antidote. Having food grade activated charcoal powder always available in your emergency kit is a must. It’s a potent natural antidote for common poisons as well as pharmaceutical substance overdoses.
  • Food grade.You can ingest it safely if you want to occasionally cleanse your body from impurities that may have accumulated over time.
  • Natural teeth whitener. Instead of opting for more expensive commercial teeth whiteners that are filled with chemicals, you can use activated charcoal to cleanse your mouth from impurities. Swish your mouth with a mixture of water and activated charcoal for some quick oral cleansing. You can also moisten your toothbrush with water and dab a small amount of powder on it and mix it with your regular toothpaste.
  • With two pounds of food grade activated charcoal, you have enough to last a long time. Plus, you have a good supply ready for use in case of emergency.


  • Overly abrasive.Because this is food grade activated charcoal for use with multiple purposes and not really formulated to be used for your teeth alone, this may be too abrasive and strip off your tooth’s enamel. However, you may opt to use this gently and sparingly instead of routinely brushing your teeth with this product.


Essential Elements Food Grade Activated Charcoal Powdercan provide you with more than enough activated charcoal for naturally whitening your teeth. You can also use this for emergency cases like ingesting poison or food poisoning.

If you have children, including this in your medicine cabinet is a must. As a natural teeth whitener, use this sparingly and be gentle when brushing your teeth with it. Although it’s food grade, it may be too abrasive for your teeth since it’s not specifically formulated for this function.


Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder is also a great option for whitening your teeth using a product with natural ingredients. The activated charcoal powder comes from premium quality charred coconut shells. It also contains additional ingredients, bentonite and orange seed oil, both of which help the activated charcoal in giving you a brighter smile.

Aside from teeth whitening, bentonite is also known to have a high mineral content to re-mineralize teeth and help reduce the risk of cavities and other tooth problems.

The natural ingredients in this product can effectively remove surface stains caused by tannins found in some foods and drinks. With regular use, stains can be gradually removed to reveal whiter teeth. It has no chemicals and is safe for daily use.

Whitening your teeth at home can also be done using the FineVine Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder. It’s a natural alternative to commercial teeth whitening products such as whitening strips and pens, which commonly contain harsh chemicals like bleach or peroxide that can slowly strip off your teeth’s enamel.

The chemical-free formula contains activated charcoal as its main ingredient to remove surface discolorations on the teeth. Aside from drawing out toxins, activated charcoal also has abrasive properties that can help scrape off stains.

Other ingredients include bentonite, sodium bicarbonate, mint, and coconut oil. With the exception of mint, all ingredients are natural teeth whiteners. This enhances the product’s whitening properties as they boost each other’s strengths.


FineVine Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder is the best choice because it contains other ingredients aside from activated charcoal that can naturally whiten teeth. It also has a mint flavor for a fresher taste.

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